Exotic Islands

She is a very beautiful and mysterious girl, in love with memories. A trophy-wife, in a gilded cage. Her husband left the house for a different shore. And the sadness takes some comfortable place inside her. Tears and black dress are now the right thing to do. But sometimes, when you think about Paris, about love and windy memories, the smile rises again. Romantic love is not impossible and the distant shore is just... a detail. In this beautiful place, she learns to believe, to have faith and hope. She smiles and her beauty enlightens us. With the perfect shoes she can have the world for herself. With the perfect dress she can have a thousand men at her feet. But with her smile she can have the best jewelry in the world: the stars. She is now free to follow the exotic path to find her own way. And all roads go to Paris - a passionate, sensual and impossible love. Let's follow her.