When in Venice...

Venice is a magnificent city, a romantic and glorious capital of water and dreams. You can have a luxury adventure in this bright, brilliant place, but when you are in Venice... you have to write your own screenplay. Go in the most elegant cafes, wear beautiful clothes, party in the best gardens of the city. You are the star of your life! And if you look for inspiration, the newest Hollywood's bride can teach you everything about style. What to do and wear in Venice? Look inside...

When in Venice...

1. In the morning, skip the gym and walk through the best market in Venice, St Mark. With music, smile and a casual look.

2. Breakfast with a view, your gorgeous partner and an outfit to remember! At Hotel Monaco & Grand Canal, near St Mark. 

3. An adventure in Venice? Of course! Rent an expensive boat, wear a vintage dress and high heels, and take with you a venetian mask for a sexy lunch... hidden by curtains

4. Go to a private party at Hotel Danieli. It's a MUST: silk dress, dancing shoes, red lipstick, great attitude.

5. Take your man and go to a masquerade ball. Dress like a star: simple, powerful and sexy: black dress, shiny shoes, diamonds and wavy hair. 

You have to love Venice! Right?!

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  1. Superb loc!
    Te-am nominalizat la un Tag, dacă dorești să îl completezi, găsești detalii despre el aici: http://ebonyvintage.blogspot.com/2014/09/tag-very-inspiring-blogger-award.html


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