Change your life. Change your world.

All your life you have been thinking a certain way. Now you have to think a different way. Why? Because it’s free. Are you familiar with this concept? Yeah, I bet you are. But this is not an explanation, of course. Open your mind, let it expand, let yourself be powerful, free and magical. You have nothing to lose. You are here to be happy. And if you take this opportunity, I will share with you 20 different, powerful things to think about. Thank you. I just open the way. This is the beginning.

Change your life. Change your world.

1. Build your way through the impossible. You are possible.

2. Shape your life with dreams and inspired actions. People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don't believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can't find them, they create them.

3. What if you started to embrace reality on your terms? Falling is not failing, unless you fail to get up.

4. When in doubt, ask a question. Ask a question, but don’t look for answers.

5. If there was nothing wrong with you and nothing to undo - where would you start? Where would you begin? What would you choose?

6. What is your point of view of this world? Is there enough for everyone? Enough food? Enough money? Enough love? Enough space? Enough joy? Or is there a limited amount, so that if you, for example, have love, someone else has to do without?

7. We’ve shouted our conclusion out into the Universe: “It’s not showing up!” and the Universe listens and nicely, politely obeys.

8. Oh, by the way, there’s no such thing as a money issue. All money “issues” are created by what you are unwilling to receive.

9. You know there is something greater possible. Why don't you choose this?

10. Have you ever found that the very thing you have been trying desperately to have for months, years even, miraculously appears just when you had stopped even thinking about it, perhaps forgotten all about it, perhaps even once you had stopped wanting it?

11. STOP COMPLAINING, FULL STOP! Complaining just invites more into your life to complain about because complaining means wanting things to be different. And wanting is the opposite of having.

12. The less you are judging the current moment as unwanted, or feeling a desire to change things, the more content, accepting, and grateful you feel. Thus the world reflects more things back that make you feel content, accepting, and grateful. The more you can feel accepting of the present moment, the faster your desires will come to you.

13. ‘Where’s my stuff?’ Your stuff is sitting, waiting for you to stop asking for it. By asking ‘where’s my stuff’, you are judging your current state as lacking – you want things to be different. You judge your life, at this moment, as unsatisfactory , as not good enough, as needing to be changed. You are still asking for things. And the world simply reflects this state of asking by giving you more and more asking.

14. So a great step along the road to belief is to begin acting, talking and thinking as if you already had achieved your goal. This is easier than you might think. Picture a person who has what you want. How would they speak and act ? Act like that. Where would they have lunch? Have your lunch there. What would they read? Read that too. How would he or she dress? Wear those clothes. But just a small movement in the right direction can be enough.

What is it that makes you feel a little more like the person you would like to be? Get dressed up, wear make-up and nice shoes. Do your hair. Go and have a drink in an expensive hotel.

Do each day all that can be done that day. You don't need to overwork or to rush blindly into your work trying to do the greatest possible number of things in the shortest possible time. Don't try to do tomorrow's or next week's work today. It's not the number of things you do, but the quality, the efficiency of each separate action that count.

However, most people live a life of quiet mediocrity and never achieve the success they truly desire because they get impatient. They want easy success or none at all. They see the path to success as a frustration, an impediment.

15. If you want money, don’t ever complain that you can’t pay your bills. Instead, take every opportunity to notice how rich you are becoming. Because… you will never get rich if you spend your time complaining about money and being angry or jealous of those with money. Money won’t come to you until you feel rich. You won’t find love until you love yourself. You won’t be healthy until you behave like a healthy person. Make small, continual steps toward being that who you want to be and the world will rush to help you along.

16. Happiness is not what comes as a result of good things coming into your life. Good things come into your life as a result of your feeling happy.

17. When I make the decision to trust, absolutely and completely, I accept that everything, everything is working out just right. I let go and stop trying to make things happen, safe in the knowledge that everything is being taken care of. In this state it actually doesn’t matter whether or not I achieve my goal because I am trusting that no matter what unfolds is exactly the right thing for me.

So when I trust, I have no attachment to any outcome, not even to the thing I am attempting to create. Now… when that thing doesn’t materialize, I just accept that it wasn’t right for me.

18. Be totally open to achieving your desires in a really unexpected way, completely letting go of ‘how’ they should come into your life. If you are fine with the fact that your desire may not materialize at all, then you are even closer to the correct receiving state. It is also very important to be open to the idea that apparent misfortunes are often blessings in disguise. In fact, things which at first seem to be misfortunes often eventually turn out to be steps towards exactly what we want.

19. “Do you not see that all your misery comes from the strange belief that you are powerless?”


Life plays no favorites. Yet of one thing you may be sure, you will become what you think about. If your thinking is circular and chaotic, your life will reflect that chaos. But if your thinking is orderly and clear, if you have a goal that's important for you to reach, then reach it you will.

This moment is my point of power. The past is over. The future is not yet here. It is only in the present moment that I can take action to change my life. This moment is my point of power. Right now, I choose to take the action necessary to change my life. 

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