The Bahamas. An island, two worlds.

"This small island of Bahamas has a name that describes it perfect: Paradise Island. Located just near Nassau, it is known for two main attractions, two opposed worlds located only 200 meters away from each other." - a story by Maria from My Exotic Dream. Enjoy!

One of the two main points of interest is the famous Atlantis Resort Bahmas, an opulent world, where you can find anything you can imagine, in terms of entertainment, accommodation, food, shopping etc. As I like to describe it, the place that shows you how much the human race has evolved, in a materialistic but fun way.

Atlalntis Bahamas is a beautiful and luxurious resort, home of the biggest marine habitat with over 50.000 species, of the biggest casino in the Caribbean, most expensive shops and restaurants, crazy water slides. I can’t even describe the overwhelming opulence that you can find there. While walking around, and this walk can take hours, you see waterfalls, countless statues and sculptures, lagoons with sea turtles or sting rays, futuristic buildings that represent the lost world of Atlantis, a dolphin cay, water slides, an amazing casino with art pieces that cost millions of dollars, and my favorite: a private marina with yachts, big and very expensive yachts.

So you can imagine that the guests of this resort are anywhere from “I am wealthy enough to afford a vacation to Atalntis Bahamas and spend 300 dollars/day” to “I am so rich that I think I will take my 10 million dollars yacht to Atlantis in the Bahamas and sleep in their 25.000 dollars/night room”. So yeah, you can get a little frustrated while walking around that place.

I spent one month in The Bahamas this year, and my home was the other attraction of the island. But, once a week, I was going to Atlantis, enjoying a Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, admiring the yachts and walking around their ginormous aquarium with ginormous fish. Even the path from the ashram to Atlantis was “interesting”. A small jungle, then a big green field with amazing trees and a haunted church.

Just 200 meters away, is located a modest and pristine place, the Sivananda Ashram.

This heavenly place was where I spent the most amazing time of my life, so far. A place that you can describe only with simple but deep words, such as: pure, serene, calm, beautiful, full of light. The energy there was so elevated, that you could feel it physically as soon as you entered the space.

At the ashram, about 150 people are living, studying or working. Discipline is one of the most important factors there. At 5:30 AM everyone was up and ready for the morning meditation, chanting and the morning yoga class. For the rest of the day, everyone had different jobs or courses, until the evening Satsang (meditation, chanting and lecture).

The life style there is so different from anything that I was used to. Such a pure and simple lifestyle... Many people around the world are going there just to live that life for a couple of days, weeks or months.

There were daily rituals, lectures, special guests, hindu priests. We were all eating only vegetarian meals and we were not allowed to drink coffee.

Our teachers were saying that they are not recommending us to visit “the other side” but it was not forbidden either. It was our choice. But I could feel on myself how that energy from Atlantis was bringing me down, a more mental energy, more physical. After returning, it was much harder to meditate or to stay focused. 

So you can see how different and totally opposed these two worlds are. It’s like God put them together, on that little island in the middle of the ocean, just for us to resist temptation or to find balance. During my stay there, I have seen a lot of people going from the ashram to Atlantis but also the other way around. Which one would you choose?

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Thank you so much, Maria. You are amazing! 

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