Cum se simt visele împlinite

Prin martie, anul acesta, eram într-un autobuz care gonea pe șoselele din Malaysia. Eram complet pierdută în vise, ascultam la nesfârșit Million Reasons de la Lady Gaga, și îmi imaginam o casă în Bali, orezării, prieteni, liniște și iubire. Habar n-aveam ce va fi, cum va fi.

Top 10 Asia - my bucket list

Did you ever dream of traveling through Asia and marvel at its beaches, mountains and incredible skyscrapers? Or maybe you've already been there and now you want to experience something more, something different. Well, today I will show you my bucket list. I am based in Bali and I love to travel with reliable, safe, and elegant airlines (this is a top-request for me when I fly). I decided that I really love Cathay Pacific and I looked at their destinations. So, let's see what am I dreaming of, maybe you'll find some inspiration for your next holiday. 

10 reasons to choose Sri Ratih Cottages in Ubud, Bali

After a perfect 5-hour flight with Cathay Pacific from Hong Kong, I landed in Bali with tears of joy. I was finally home. I missed this island so much, and from the moment I stepped outside the airport I understood why. 

Head in the clouds

In Hong Kong, I lived one of the most intense and uplifting experiences of my life. For two magical days, I was literally into the clouds, above Hong Kong, on the 106th floor of the glorious Ritz-Carlton hotel. 

An unforgettable experience on the Island of Hong Kong

After my comfortable flight with Cathay Pacific, I was welcomed at the airport by a smiling driver who took me to a road trip to Hong Kong Island. I was very sleepy, but more than curious to see everything. And I've discovered that Hong Kong has the most amazing clouds in the world, in different shades of gray, blue, white and black. It's a show in itself. 

The Road to Hong Kong

I've always dreamed to visit Hong Kong and to let its lights and heights inspire me. Mind you, I am still a little bit scared of flights and I didn't know that in July the monsoon is in the city. But I chose wisely. 

Toate zilele mele sunt duminici

Este 6 dimineața în Ubud, plouă încontinuu, iar singura lumină din sat este cea din biroul meu. Aici toți localnicii se culcă devreme, oricum pe la 7 seara e deja întuneric. Am adoptat acest obicei, la 8-9 sunt în pat, însă mă trezesc foarte devreme, din obiceiul omului agitat, care are mereu ceva de făcut, de rezolvat. Doar că aici mai există ceva, inexplicabil și nedemonstrat științific: energiile insulei, care nu te lasă să te pierzi în agitațiile ritualice, nu te lasă să redevii cel care ai fost până acum, și nici să mai porți cu tine povara unei existențe pe fugă.

Can you have a business and travel the world?

When I first started the adventure of freelancing, 8 years ago, I was so preoccupied to be perfect, to work fast, to meet the deadlines of my clients, and to do my best overall, that traveling was out of the question. At that time, I had no idea that there are more options to help me balance remote work and travel. Let me tell you my story in a way I never did...

Why visit Romania?! 7 Reasons and an adventure.

Today I will present you a lifetime adventure and another kind of holiday for those who love to discover new lands, nature, secluded villages, history, culture, amazing people, great food, art and entertainment, sea, mountains, cities, architecture, music and fashion, old churches and secret destinations of the world. All of these in just one place, in one country: Romania. 

The Magical Gardens of Dubai

I've recently read a lot of stories about Dubai. People who lived there and had wonderful experiences in this magical city, people who consider that Dubai is a cold (pun intended) and materialistic place, and tourists mesmerized by its beauty. I've been in the city a couple of nights in the last year, and I am in love with it. Yes, it's hot and has different rules, yes, it's demanding, and yes, it's powerful, diverse, abundant, and beautiful. 

De ce (și cum) m-am mutat în Bali

Vă scriu din balconul casei mele din Ubud, unde mi-am organizat un mic birou cu vedere la junglă. Am o săptămână de când sunt aici, totul s-a întâmplat foarte repede, chiar mai repede decât mă așteptam. Da, sunt puțin copleșită, am momente când nu-mi găsesc locul, când vreau să văd TOT, când nu știu ce să fac mai întâi - însă cred că este o reacție normală și că toți trecem prin asta, mai ales când ne schimbăm viața și reședința în mai puțin de o lună, la peste 11K de km. Decizii, decizii...

Dream big. Travel far. Enjoy life.

These Days I'm getting ready for a new adventure and I received via email very, very interesting question from Jamie Wharton at Earnest stands by the phrase, “Whatever your dream, we can help get you there. They offer low-interest personal loans to financially responsible people so thinks like dream vacations don’t have to stay just dreams! I was asked, "What trip would you take with a $ 10,000 budget? Where Would You Go, and how Would you allocate your money to travel comfortably and see everything on your list without going over budget?" So, here is my answer!

What I've learned from The Ritz-Carlton team

If you have read me for some time now, you know I fall in love with the most creative, innovative brands around the world. But, after a while, it looks like you've seen... well, everything. Of course, that's not true, but just a feeling of linearity. 

We had to lose ourselves to find ourselves

Dear friends, I am very happy and honored to present you a traveler, a dreamer, and a wonderful woman in love with this world. My friend, my student, and my inspiration: Ingrid. And she has some magical stories for you! 

Sony a7S: micul gigant

ISO 10000                                        16mm                                        f/9.5                                        1/15 sec
Pentru ultima noastră călătorie, cea mai mare dorinţă a fost să-mi fac treaba cu uşurinţă: să fac poze de calitate cu un efort minim. Am avut şi un vis - să folosesc pentru prima oară un obiectiv ultra-wide, şi un capriciu - să folosesc pentru prima oară un obiectiv macro (în principal pentru portrete).

Welcome to Sri Lanka!

My lifetime dream of visiting Sri Lanka had finally come true. Last month, Vlad and I were treated like the kings of the island for an entire magical week. I have a lot of memories, photos, and stories, and more important I have more reasons to come back. Because one week is not enough to explore and discover the fabulous universe of Sri Lanka.

85 de zile pe drum. Malaysia. (2)

Am tot amânat să scriu articolul ăsta, pentru că nu prea știu ce să vă povestesc despre cele două luni petrecute în Malaysia. S-au întâmplat foarte multe chestii, însă schimbările au fost personale și subtile, greu de redat în cuvinte. Am să înșir totuși niște aberații random, sperând că veți înțelege ceva din asta:)) 

Cum să călătorești mai mult și să fii plătit să vezi lumea (curs)

De curând, am împlinit 11 ani de când m-am mutat în București și 8 ani de când călătoresc prin lume. De 10 ani scriu pe blog. Am visat vreodată că voi ajunge aici? Bineînțeles că nu. Însă am avut determinarea de a merge pe drumul ăsta, de a face o mulțime de greșeli și de a învăța. Tot timpul. 

The Bucket List

All my travels taught me a few things: 1. The more I travel, the more I want to travel. 2. Fears don't disappear or heal, I have to learn to live with them, and do what I want instead of them. 3. The courage is the best friend of the fear. 4. My purpose in life is to have fun, to participate. 5. The world is a wonderful place called home. 6. I have the power to create everything I want. 7. All the people are amazing and the people I met are the reflection of my beliefs and energy I put into the world. 8. In this life, the work is not mandatory, having fun is. 9. In order to have everything you want, you just have to feel good, to enjoy your life now. 10. Dreaming bigger is the way. 

The magical British countryside

Besides London, Manchester, Liverpool and other big cities from the UK, there is an area which you would love to explore. An area with smaller cities, full of stories, with a sense of calmness and wonder. So, between Birmingham and Sheffield, in the heart of the country, there is a wonderful place called Church Broughton. It is an isolated village surrounded by farmland, a fairytale field, where you actually can rest and hear your own thoughts. 

Divine timing

Sometimes, when you are least expecting, magic happens. You have the power to open the door to all possibilities and to step into the light. Because we are all magical creators, and our life is exactly how we dreamed it, how we make it. 

85 de zile pe drum. Povești. Frivolități. Esențe. (1)

Stau la biroul meu de acasă, din București, și mă gândesc dacă tot ce am trăit în ultimele 3 luni a fost vis sau realitate. N-am adus cu mine prea multe lucruri - niște scrisori de dragoste de la Ritz-Carlton, facturi, țigări din duty-free și o rochie "turcoaz de Sri Lanka". Am însă amintiri pentru o viață. Și nu neapărat despre locurile fabuloase în care am fost, ci despre mine, despre transformarea, vindecarea, emoțiile prin care am trecut. Undeva, pe drum, am lăsat să cadă niște măști după care mă ascundeam. Și mi-am regăsit puterea divină de a fi cine sunt, fără regrete, fără vină, fără justificări. 

On the edge of time. The Majestic Way.

In one very hot afternoon, after some long days of worries and doubts, when I've decided to let go and enjoy life a little more, I've stepped into a Universe of flowers, oriental charm, and music. Soft, blessed music for my soul. 

Penang, a love story

I've managed to avoid Penang a lot in the last years and I don't know why. Now, after our journey on the island, I can tell you this: it's worth a visit! Let me take your hand and show you my Penang and the things I fell in love with.

Lost and found

I was a little bit lost when I was heading to Penang. You know that feeling of being under pressure, overwhelmed, stressed out and don't know what's next. So, I was looking for something to make me smile again and a place where to find my peace. 

The sweetest memories

I remember many years ago, I was in the lobby of Ritz, in Paris, looking in awe at the wonderful design and the grandeur of this iconic hotel. And in that moment, I had a dream: maybe, someday, I will stay at the Ritz.

Pangkor Laut. One island, one resort.

I thought there would be a 3-4 hour journey from Tanjong Jara to Pangkor Laut and the car will go across the country, through the mountains, until we'll meet the west coast and its shore. But I was wrong. Our driver laughed and told us we have a 6-hour road in front of us. Ok, I can do this!! Let's ride! 

Tanjong Jara, my unfolding dream

After 6 visits, Kuala Lumpur is already home to me. I know the city, it really inspires me and I can create magic here. I have my favorite hotel, my special place where I eat and my supermarket. But after 5 days in this relentless city, I felt a calling, an unstoppable wish to go further, to discover more. 

Fifty shades of Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur has a strange power over me. It is not the most beautiful city I've seen, it is not the greenest or luxurious capital I've been in, but it has something magical: the heat, the smells, the people, the skyscrapers, the lights. And an undoubtedly feeling of being home. 

My February summer at the Red Sea

I had a wonderful journey from Petra to Aqaba, with a luxurious car driven by a Beduin (65 JOD), through the breathtaking mountains of Jordan, through villages and the sacred site of Wadi Rum. It was a one and a half hour long ride, and I would repeat it anytime! 

Love is all around

Good morning from Istanbul!! Now it's raining heavily, but still, I will miss this amazing city. From my window, I can see the boats on the hazy Bosphorus, and I'm thinking about Istanbul and the Turkish people I've met these days. 

Cum să călătorești mai mult și să fii plătit să vezi lumea (curs). It's free!!

În curând, împlinesc 11 ani de când m-am mutat în București și 8 ani de când călătoresc prin lume. De 9 ani scriu pe blog. Am visat vreodată că voi ajunge aici? Bineînțeles că nu. Însă am avut determinarea de a merge pe drumul ăsta, de a face o mulțime de greșeli și de a învăța. Tot timpul. 

6 Questions to get over anxiety and any difficult moment

In times of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty, I put a lot of questions out there, into the world. Some of them are just prayers for some help, any help possible, others are desperate like “What else do I have to do?”, “When?”, “How?”. For both categories, the answers are not very clear or fast. I wait and wait, and fear more, and struggle even more.

Why you don’t have to balance work and personal life

I strongly believe that what we do and what we have don’t represent who we are and, in fact, don’t say anything about us, like human beings.

Cărți, povești și un an magic

De când mi-am instalat Kindle-ul pe telefon și comand cărți cu un singur click, viața mea s-a schimbat. În bine:) Simt că am acces la o lume fabuloasă, la porții de înțelepciune, la felii din viața altor oameni, la talentul, inspirația și darurile lor. De 4-5 ani citesc doar în engleză și mă bucur enorm de cărțile pe care le descopăr pe Amazon - free sau cu prețuri medii, de autori celebri sau necunoscuți. Iată mai jos câteva volume care mi-au plăcut în 2016, poate te inspiră și pe tine...