Pangkor Laut. One island, one resort.

I thought there would be a 3-4 hour journey from Tanjong Jara to Pangkor Laut and the car will go across the country, through the mountains, until we'll meet the west coast and its shore. But I was wrong. Our driver laughed and told us we have a 6-hour road in front of us. Ok, I can do this!! Let's ride! 

Tanjong Jara, my unfolding dream

After 6 visits, Kuala Lumpur is already home to me. I know the city, it really inspires me and I can create magic here. I have my favorite hotel, my special place where I eat and my supermarket. But after 5 days in this relentless city, I felt a calling, an unstoppable wish to go further, to discover more. 

Fifty shades of Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur has a strange power over me. It is not the most beautiful city I've seen, it is not the greenest or luxurious capital I've been in, but it has something magical: the heat, the smells, the people, the skyscrapers, the lights. And an undoubtedly feeling of being home. 

My February summer at the Red Sea

I had a wonderful journey from Petra to Aqaba, with a luxurious car driven by a Beduin (65 JOD), through the breathtaking mountains of Jordan, through villages and the sacred site of Wadi Rum. It was a one and a half hour long ride, and I would repeat it anytime!