The Bucket List

All my travels taught me a few things: 1. The more I travel, the more I want to travel. 2. Fears don't disappear or heal, I have to learn to live with them, and do what I want instead of them. 3. The courage is the best friend of the fear. 4. My purpose in life is to have fun, to participate. 5. The world is a wonderful place called home. 6. I have the power to create everything I want. 7. All the people are amazing and the people I met are the reflection of my beliefs and energy I put into the world. 8. In this life, the work is not mandatory, having fun is. 9. In order to have everything you want, you just have to feel good, to enjoy your life now. 10. Dreaming bigger is the way. 

The magical British countryside

Besides London, Manchester, Liverpool and other big cities from the UK, there is an area which you would love to explore. An area with smaller cities, full of stories, with a sense of calmness and wonder. So, between Birmingham and Sheffield, in the heart of the country, there is a wonderful place called Church Broughton. It is an isolated village surrounded by farmland, a fairytale field, where you actually can rest and hear your own thoughts. 

Divine timing

Sometimes, when you are least expecting, magic happens. You have the power to open the door to all possibilities and to step into the light. Because we are all magical creators, and our life is exactly how we dreamed it, how we make it. 

85 de zile pe drum. Povești. Frivolități. Esențe. (1)

Stau la biroul meu de acasă, din București, și mă gândesc dacă tot ce am trăit în ultimele 3 luni a fost vis sau realitate. N-am adus cu mine prea multe lucruri - niște scrisori de dragoste de la Ritz-Carlton, facturi, țigări din duty-free și o rochie "turcoaz de Sri Lanka". Am însă amintiri pentru o viață. Și nu neapărat despre locurile fabuloase în care am fost, ci despre mine, despre transformarea, vindecarea, emoțiile prin care am trecut. Undeva, pe drum, am lăsat să cadă niște măști după care mă ascundeam. Și mi-am regăsit puterea divină de a fi cine sunt, fără regrete, fără vină, fără justificări.