The Bucket List

All my travels taught me a few things: 1. The more I travel, the more I want to travel. 2. Fears don't disappear or heal, I have to learn to live with them, and do what I want instead of them. 3. The courage is the best friend of the fear. 4. My purpose in life is to have fun, to participate. 5. The world is a wonderful place called home. 6. I have the power to create everything I want. 7. All the people are amazing and the people I met are the reflection of my beliefs and energy I put into the world. 8. In this life, the work is not mandatory, having fun is. 9. In order to have everything you want, you just have to feel good, to enjoy your life now. 10. Dreaming bigger is the way. 

So, knowing all these, I made a list with some wonderful (sometimes silly) things I want to experience. And they are feeling oh, so, awesome!! 

1. To have a picnic and the ride of my life at the Lightwater Theme Park, North Yorkshire. (not necessarily in this order:) 

2. Trentham Monkey Forest - as there are no cages or barriers between you & the monkeys, this attraction offers something a little different. And I want to be a part of it!!

3. A canal boat ride through London Zoo and feeding the penguins. How cool is that?!

4. I always loved the heights, and the London Eye is on top of my list. I found a site where you can actually save money when you buy tickets for this attraction (or even you can save money on accommodation). Check it out!

5. Another thing I LOVE to do when I visit a city is... a boat tour (if they have something like this). And London does!! Thames River Cruise - on my list! 

6. I want to learn how to sail at Bosworth Water Park. Enough said!

7. Oxford? Yes, please! From The Tower, at St Mary’s Church, you can pick up clear views of the Radcliffe Camera, the Bodleian Library plus various Oxford University Colleges. Yeeey!

8. A show on Broadway is an old dream. And now I know how to get some free tickets. Tips and tricks here

9. One the most romantic places in the world? Grand Central New York. At least, for me. I dream to climb the grand staircases, inspired from those within the Paris Opera House, that offers a great vantage point to people watch.

10. Do you know THAT New York from all your favorite movies? Yes! I want to experience this. Here is how

I want to see all the world, all the magical places I love. And I don't let this be just a dream, I take care of it now, buying some tickets and go. How can I afford this? More details here

See you!

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