Muntele Sfânt Agung. #BaliNow

Așa cum mulți dintre voi știu deja, locuiesc de 5 luni în Bali, într-o comunitate mixtă, de localnici și expați - în satul Penestanan, Ubud. Pentru că o mulțime de jurnaliști, bloggeri și televiziuni m-au rugat să le explic situația din Bali, iată ce vă pot spune acum...

The8 - Breaking Point

I'm not here to save you. I am here to call you into your power so that you save yourself. I am here to love you - that, however, means I am here to teach you how to love yourself and I am to receive your love as well. The love that you cultivate for yourself. Acknowledge that no one in your life will ever be more powerful than you. 

A story about love

Every time I make a list of things that represent my gratitude, love, and appreciation, there is one subject repeating over and over again. And today I will tell you a story. This is not a love story, it's a story about love. About passion, people, and hospitality played in another league.