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I'm not here to save you. I am here to call you into your power so that you save yourself. I am here to love you - that, however, means I am here to teach you how to love yourself and I am to receive your love as well. The love that you cultivate for yourself. Acknowledge that no one in your life will ever be more powerful than you. 

So, you can imagine how your perfect life would look like. Your dreams await you. If only you could work out the perfect steps for making it all happen...

What should you do? 

Say daily affirmations? 

Write letters of forgiveness? 


Visualise your love story? 

Wait for the money to come to you? 

Maybe you've really tried everything, but nothing has stuck. 

Do you ever see other people leading effortless lives and wonder why you can’t have everything you desire, even they are... small things?

After all, you’ve been reading personal development books for years, you’ve listened to great authors, you followed every step of the guidance. 

Why does it feel so hard?!

Did this ever happen to you?

You set a massive big goal.

You’re excited and nervous.

You write it down in your journal. Share it with your friends. Maybe come up with an action or two.

And then... nothing. 

The procrastination sets in. The fear screws up your plans. Maybe it’s not just the right time? Maybe the Universe is conspiring against you? Nope.

You're just missing some steps!

Let’s get real –

Here's how to fail and close all your doors:

Read personal development books that tell you to FEEL abundant but never give you practical actions on what to DO in the real world.

Chant mantras and do yoga but you’re still stuck on what to do next.

Sit on the couch and wait for money (or some ideas) to fall from the sky. 

Make dream boards after dream boards, but getting lazy about doing basic things like emailing or opening your bills.

Giving up as soon as the resistance/ pain/ boredom hits because “you are not yet successful.”

Everything above is great, but it's not enough. As you can see:) 

There’s a PROCESS you can learn that takes you step by step to turn your dreams into reality. It doesn’t matter what you want – whether it’s the money, career or your soul mate. You have to be ready and steady. Otherwise, it’s always going to feel hard.

These mistakes? I've made them too!

1. Thinking that you have to deserve it. 

The Universe doesn't care if you deserve it or not – but waiting to be perfect before you’re allowed to have everything you want is holding you back.

2. Waiting for permission from someone else. 

Only YOU can make your dreams come true – whether it's a profitable business or your soul mate.

3. Waiting for the stars to go "aligned". 

Really now. We have to stop using Mercury Retrograde as an excuse to not live our dreams.

4. Thinking that this stuff is woo-woo. 

It’s not. Manifesting can be incredibly practical if you know how, and even the most scientifically oriented people use these methods.

You don't need to be perfect, to have time, to meditate, or to do shitty things to have a life that you love. 

But you do need to get clear on your goals, infuse every part of your day with feelings, take inspired action and learn to receive.

I do believe in magic. But, you know, when it comes to my life, I prefer to make it real, to choose, and to have some pretty good action too. 

That’s why you’ll love my super practical real steps. It tells you exactly what to do step by step to create "magic" in your life – so much that people will wonder why everything is falling into place for you.

Well, check this out:

The8 - Breaking Point is an online program that takes you through detailed steps that you can follow to have everything you ever wanted and some more (surprises are welcome too, right?!).

Every time we desire something (a material thing or an experience), we want it because we believe it will make us feel better. It will make us feel alive, free, enthusiast, loved, peaceful, safe, abundant. 

What not every book will tell you is that: if we need something to make us feel happy, we have a vibration of lack, not luck. And the process that really works is the other way around. 

Feel now how you would feel when you already have it all! 

Let me make it easier - here’s what we’re going to cover...

1. Step One - Emerging Force

We all know that goal setting is incredibly powerful, but most people are doing it 'wrong'.

You’ll learn the right way to define your dreams in such an exciting way that you’ll start to see amazing things around you.

In Step One we're going to learn:

- to know and accept reality

- to reshape reality

- to build a foundation for our dreams

- to exercise "peace of mind". 

2. Step Two - Birth of Sky

The start of life as a physically & spiritually being.  

The energy you will free up will allow you to consciously create amazing things in your life. You may not even be aware of the energy you expend in these holes of worry, concerns, and guilt – they just run in the background of your mind and block the flow of success and abundance.

In Step Two we're going to learn:

- what you really REALLY want in your life.

- to exercise pleasure - a distinction between goals and “preferences” that will absolutely shift the way you set goals forever. 

- to feel PLEASURE. 

3. Step Three - Awakening Earth

Emotions are a huge part of creating what you want.

You can think about your goals and dreams all day long, but when you get into the feeling place, things can happen so quickly your head will spin.

In Step Three we're going to learn:

- to listen to your gut, your intuition, your love. 

- Go bold! Go naked! Go fucking wild! 

- to feel your desires in your belly, laugh, play. Just like a child.

- to experience the feeling of FREEDOM.

4. Step Four - Life of water

Nothing will happen without action. You know that. However, an inspired action is the real key to moving forward.

But this time, you’ll learn how to make things happen very quickly!

In Step Four we're going to learn: 

- how to heal yourself of the past memories. 

- to experience the feeling of FULFILLMENT. 

- what inspired action really means. 

- what to do when you don't know what to do. 

5. Step Five - Life of wind

Honestly – most people suck at receiving all the goods the Universe has in store for us. At having real FUN. At allowing to be happy right now and right here. 

What would it be possible for your life if you give yourself permission to really shine and accept all the gifts that are coming your way?

Having fun just because you want to - isn't selfish or unrealistic. It’s a necessary part of being human.

In Step Five we're going to learn:

- What to do when life feels like it’s getting worse, not better. 

- How to get out of the impatient feeling when you want something so badly.

- To have FUN! 

6. Step Six - Life of Ice

Walking on ice. Express your deepest, weirdest feelings. 

When you are vulnerable and true to yourself, magical things will start to happen. 

In Step Six we're going to learn:

- to experience the feeling of LOVE.

- how to love ourselves more, how to treat ourselves better.

- how to say NO. 

- how to appreciate more what you already have (and do it constantly, with ease). 

7. Step Seven - Master of Six Lives

What makes you alive and enthusiast? What is that dream you are not daring to dream? 

In Step Seven we're going to learn:

- to experience the feeling of ENTHUSIASM.

- to tell six different stories of your life. 

- to dare! 

8. Step Eight - Act of Ultimate Trust

What brings you pure joy and happiness? If you have to jump off a cliff, what is your strongest motivation to do it? For what reason would you say 'HELL, YES!' to this jump, blindfolded?

In Step Eight we’re going to learn:

- to experience the feeling of JOY. 

- to trust ourselves and to take our power back. 

- to say YES because we want to. 

- to be open, to have faith in our dreams and in our personal power. 

Your only 'job' in this world is to feel good and to act inspired by a better feeling thought. Nothing is holding you back except YOU – and that is the toughest thing to overcome because you know all your fears.

Learn the steps I use (almost) daily to create everything I want. 

* I have personally used these steps to create a pretty incredible life.

* I travel the world in style. 

* I work with out-of-this-world brands. 

* I have a 10-year relationship based on love, appreciation, friendship, and passion. 

* From two years now, I live on a passive income only. Money rolls in when I sleep. 

* I moved on an exotic island and I have a beautiful house. 

* I have hundreds of happy students and I wrote 4 books. 

Most people think that I must have grown up rich or I have (a lot of) luck or I work hard. Nope – I just follow these steps when I want to create new goals.

Recently, I've used it to move on the magical island of Bali, to live a carefree laptop life and to travel the world.


It’s time for you to stop wishing and truly step up to the life you've always dreamed to live. All of your biggest goals and dreams are within reach.

Just follow these steps and it’s yours.


The8 - Breaking Point Program is $1490. 


How can you buy it:

* direct payment with your debit/credit card: HERE

Send me an email at and let's have some fun together:) 

How is the program delivered?
Immediately after your purchase, you’ll receive an email from me. The first step will be in your inbox so you can dive right in.

At every 4 days, a new step will be released and you'll receive an email, so you can access it and have some fun.

Everything is designed so that you can access your steps from anywhere in the world, on any device, with only an internet connection and an emails address. 

Who is your program for?

THE8 - BREAKING POINT is for anyone who has struggled with repeating the same patterns over and over again - around money, love, career, health - without understanding why or what to do about it. 

If you’ve watched your friends, loved ones or colleagues who seem to have a completely different approach to life and wondered, "What’s wrong with me?" then THE8 is for you!

Inside the program, you’ll finally ‘crack the code’ of your unique power, understanding not only what makes you tick when it comes to your dream life, but how to leverage your strengths, so you’re free to move forward into a lifestyle that brings you happiness and fulfillment on a soul-deep level.

What if I don't resonate with this program?

This program has 60 days Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t love the course or my style gets on your nerves, then no worries – I'll refund your money with no hard feelings.

Remember: you deserve to be happy and to live the wildest, amazing, powerful and lovely adventure you can think of. And more :)

Thank you!

Let's bring your power back:) 


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