Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eyes!


An entrepreneur, an explorer of the heart and a relentless surfer of this magical world, dedicated to helping you live fiercely your life. To be vulnerable, wholehearted, and ready to be seen.

All my life I’ve felt invisible. I’ve worked my butt off to be as good as I can, to receive some kind of compensation, to gain world recognition and to feel important. And I’ve done it! But, at some point, everything stopped. Nothing seemed really important to me. I felt empty inside. I wasn’t able to pay any price. I wasn’t able anymore to get up, try, fight and believe.

I began a journey to find out what do I want. Who am I. What I can do and can’t do. What are my values in this world. And I can tell you, it wasn’t easy. It still isn’t. Fears, panic attacks, tears, moving one step forward and two steps back. I was looking after my home in the whole world, on relentless trips. I was pushing my luck with some bold emails and challenging myself with nervy asks. I was fighting against me: you have to do that, you have to write that, you have to take this opportunity. Do it now! Do it faster! Do it further!

‘Till I couldn’t move anymore. And when my mind hurt enough, I was like “wow, I know what I want, it was here all the time.” I want to write, no matter how many people (or any) will read this stuff. I want to love and to give my love to the world. It’s not an easy love, it’s loyal, it’s strong, it’s loud. But it’s real. I want to see the world. I want to really see people. To look them in the eyes and tell them: I see you! I feel you, my friend!

Two years ago, my partner and I started the Invisible Us project and we went on a journey around the world. Saw what is possible. Received so much from people and from this world, that we got scared like shit and came back in our safety net. Yep, we failed big. 

What if we are not good enough? What if we do not give back as much as we receive? What if we fall? 

But now I know better. I might fall. But, what if I fly?!

This is my story. I am in love. In love with this amazing world, in love with people, in love with nature, in love with writing, in love with… my way. And when love intervenes, nothing else matters.

I could write here long passages about the people and brands I’ve worked with. Because somehow magical, these people trusted us. Gave us money and shelter and gear, and had faith in us. 

And they are really important people and brands: Samsung, Canon, Singapore Airlines, TAP Portugal, KLM & AirFrance, Burj al Arab, Marriott, Mandarin Oriental, Sony, Heineken, Qatar Airways, and much more. 

Websites like Huffington Post, CNN, A+ Magazine, Forbes, PlayBuzz, BuzzFeed, Bored Panda, Elite Daily, Maptia, Intent (links here) – made us the huge honor to publish our work. I’m humble and in awe.

But, somehow, I’ve still managed to feel invisible. To curl under my bed because English is not my first language, and I have so many fears that I can't count. And you know what? From this passivity, I've found my way back. Because my biggest failures are my biggest strengths. 

And now we have a new project. A new road in front of us, an open gate to love and knowledge. 

We want to travel in the most energetic and old places of this amazing earth, to find people stories and to inspire you to live fiercely your life. 

I can't promise you I will not fail again. Can’t promise you that I will be strong all the time. But I promise you that I see you. I love you. I feel you. You and me and the whole world are connected. 

Luxury Adventure is a state of mind. For me, luxury means happiness, smiles, friends, something that stirs my strong emotions, something to be enthusiastic about, the life and kindness of the people around the world. 

This is what we do here. Encourage you to break the mould, to create for yourself the style and the life you deserve and love; to stop choosing the same destinations year after year only because they are popular or you've seen nice photos in the magazines. The true attractions can be found… within yourself. You are the best starting point in this adventure. 

We have the will and the power to change the world! Each of us. I have a miraculous gift from God to write stories that matter. Vlad tells stories in pictures that make us understand. Our purpose is to fulfill the dreams of people around the world. 

What if NOW is our time to shine? 



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