We had our moments, our traces of light. Here you will find links, press and our clients. 

I am writing as long as I remember. At 6, I was writing poetry and fiction stories. At 10, I began my daily journal – ’till this day. At 16 I was writing love letters to my friends. At 26, I worked for some shitty newspaper. At 28, I’ve discovered the online world, and never looked back. At 29, I’ve begun this blog, and I'm still in love with it. 

At 33, I left the corporate world for the unsafe world of freelancing. Had some great contracts with travel agencies, online magazines, and brands. I started to travel and wrote about my adventures. (links here).

At 37, Arianna Huffington invited me to write for HuffPost. I was grateful and scared about my English, even if I spoke it in my sleep. Begun my journey as an entrepreneur, I've created a series of programs (Travel Writing course and self-help coaching), wrote some books, traveled the world. 

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Vlad, my partner, photographer and the love of my life, discovered his passion for photography 7 years ago. He was hooked. After some prints, photo exhibitions for airlines, a wall full of colors and lights in our home, and hundreds of collaborations with hotels, restaurants, airlines and brands – he still wonders what does he want. But I think he knows better. You can read this between the lines, in his art. You can feel his love for the world in every picture.

I strongly believe that no one knows. That we don’t HAVE to know. We can live just like that, in the light of our art, of our soul. And it’s enough. 

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(Relationships are everything, these are some I’m very proud of)




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We are both in love with Instagram: @ioana_budeanu@vlad.semen

You can write me here: I am always happy to find new stories and new ways to collaborate with amazing people. 

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