Can you have a business and travel the world?

When I first started the adventure of freelancing, 8 years ago, I was so preoccupied to be perfect, to work fast, to meet the deadlines of my clients, and to do my best overall, that traveling was out of the question. At that time, I had no idea that there are more options to help me balance remote work and travel. Let me tell you my story in a way I never did...

After years of struggling with my work schedule and my powerful passion for travel, I've decided to jump. Where? Into the most amazing adventure of my life. 

I've rented a small studio-apartment in Tenerife and kept up with all the weird and time-consuming jobs that I had. It lasted 6 months. Burned out about all the stuff on my head - the day to day life (bank accounts, rent, cooking etc.) and with my work and clients - I gave up and went back home. 

But I couldn't stay too much in one place. So, after one year, I had a one-way flight to SE Asia. It was... awful. I was very insecure and overwhelmed by the heat, culture and the people. I couldn't enjoy my life there because I had to work all the time, find apartments to rent, food and transportation. I went back home after 2 months. 

But you know - when your soul is craving for something - you will always find a way. After 2 years of working on myself, on my business and on my mindset, I was ready to conquer the world. 

I've started a new adventure in SE Asia: Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka. It was a blast! My partner and I had the time of our lives. The downside of this? I had a growing business to run, and at the same time, I was working on my visas, accommodations, flights, food, meeting people. Having fun? Not so much. :)) So, I went back home and rethought all of this. 

In this moment, as you know, I am in Bali and I am here to stay. I'm living in a beautiful house, with fast internet, with an amazing bed, and - the most important - with time for myself: time to work and to explore this beautiful island. I am in the happiest period of my life! 

After all these adventures, I can say a thing or two about the digital nomad kind of life.

Here are my conclusions: 

1. If you have a business to grow or you are a freelancer, you can travel the world - but do it smartly and be positive. Open up to all kind of experiences and follow your heart. 

2. Find a space to live and work and have the conditions you love and deserve! It is very important for your well-being. 

3. SE Asia is a very good start for the adventure of a lifetime. It's a cheap and very welcoming life. You will meet people just like you and having a community will make a huge difference. 

4. I recommend Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia. They have stunning beaches and amazing countryside regions. And if you are a "big city" kind of person, you will love Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok. Here are 5 awesome reasons to visit Malaysia!

5. Look after a program that will give you total freedom: private accommodation, the internet & co-working space, flights, small groups of people, meals, trips, and transportation. I found out that Remote Tour does all of these things and even more! Of course, the internet is full of information, so choose wisely what you feel is best for you and what makes you happy. Be confident and free. 

6. Find something affordable! You don't want to give all your money on food and rent. It's mandatory to have fun and to explore these beautiful countries as much as you can. 

7. Find people who know what you're talking about. Globetrotters, travel addicts, people who are working remotely for a long time. 

8. Do not worry about the details! If you follow your heart, everything will fall into place. 

9. Find people who will involve you in the decision making process about activities and, ultimately, where to go next, and who respect you and your work.

10. I think NOW is the perfect time to jump. To live the life of your dreams. To choose wisely. To let go of fears and concerns and to be free!

Hey, see you on the beach?