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Our family is bigger and stronger than ever. Ma’ people follow their dreams, take bold actions, and live lives they once only imagined. Let’s dive deep, find their amazing stories and discover what might be in here for you!

I’m Ingrid, a part-time travel blogger, and a full-time dreamer and believer!
I believe you can do whatever you put your mind to and ever since I can remember I have dreamt about traveling and seeing this wonderful world we live in so I worked hard and got to see a part of it (still small but I’m working on that).
I believe people can blend together hard work (in a big multinational company in my case) and a whole lot of travel and discoveries (I am the living proof). If I can, then you too sure can!
I believe people are too stressed out by everyday life and need a lot of “unplugging”, thus on my blog, you will find all my moments of disconnection, the wonderful places that make me tick and the discoveries and adventures I have along the way. All that with the tips and tricks for you to use in order to create a great escape for yourself.
I am a continuous searcher, looking to find myself while I discover the world, new and different cultures, and places, and you too can join me in the relentless search for happiness on my special place,
I’ve become Ioana’s student somewhere at the beginning of 2016 taking small but confident steps towards my dream, waking up every morning for the 7 days the training took place, anxiously waiting to read her next email.
She shared with us great ideas, things that made me want to do more and made me believe I can actually do whatever I set my mind to if I spend the right amount of work and discipline. Ioana makes everything seem a game, at the same time not overseeing the less pleasant aspects of this job, making you step out of your comfort zone and discover how creative you can actually be.

If you are thinking to try something new, I would fully and sincerely recommend Ioana’s course! You will most certainly gain a lot of knowledge not only about the world of blogging but also about yourself along the way.

Hey there, guys! I’m Carmen and I like to consider myself a restless traveler.
When I am not dealing with my full-time job, in market studies for an international company, I like to write on my travel site, Veni Vidi Amo and dream about turning traveling into a full-time job. I am sure it will happen, but I do hope it’s going to happen soon (as one restless person would say).
Content creation is a demanding job, it’s never easy, but it’s surely fun! One cannot achieve much without hard work or at least this is what I’ve learned and experienced. It’s almost never about luck or opportunities; you most often create those for yourself. What I like most about travel writing are the endless opportunities that can arise from it. Actually, I kid myself. The mindset that gives me fuzzy feelings is the freedom one can achieve with travels. Fly, be free and have no limits, I tell myself always before and during my travels. The trip that changed my life around, so far, was Iceland, where I was able to feel THE freedom I’ve always expected to feel. Try it and you’ll quickly understand why. Then, we can chit-chat about it at a coffee.
How am I during my travels? Better yet, how am I before my travels? Grumpy, always stressed, feisty and not very talkative. Well, take that grumpy-looking Carmen and imagine her completely transformed during her travels into a fun, energetic, talking-to-strangers and happy person. Always on the go, always feeling the vibe of different new places and people. Never afraid to meet new cultures. Talking about things we enjoy, that makes us happy, oy?
You can read my travel stories or be close to me on Facebook and Instagram.
The most inspired decisions in life are taken when you least expect them, in those impulse-driven moments. I was already having a travel website, on which I was posting from time to time and still, I was convinced I can do more and better. I needed THE hand to hold me through the storm. So, one lazy Saturday morning, back in May 2017, I woke up and started browsing my Facebook newsfeed, when I stumbled upon Ioana’s ad.
I told myself I must contact her ASAP and participate in her travel writing class. She replied at the end of the same weekend, from the stunning KL, and the warmth of her message confirmed my great choice to follow her lead.
The class is easy to follow, and it offers lots of info on how to succeed. It even includes financial details, the eternal taboo-subject, of which a lot of bloggers are still afraid to discuss, to share with others.
The tests are super easy and on topic, created so that everything seems like a play. No one ever said this would be an easy task, but if you have chosen Ioana, you engaged yourself in the most beautiful and hardworking adventure of your life.
It’s impossible to get out from it not being a winner! Without hesitation, address Ioana a lot of questions, all the questions you might have (during and after the end of this travel writing class) – there aren’t stupid topics nor questions, bare this in mind. Her answers come with so much joy and great vibes, it motivates you to succeed in your new adventure.

If many times we describe ourselves according to our profession, something like a doctor, lawyer, professor, probably those are exactly the things that say nothing about who we really are. I am Eliza, a free spirit, trying to enjoy life every day, when I do my job, as a tour guide in Florence, Italy or when I write on my travel blog, Elizaland.
Life was generous with me and even if I had my bad moments, like everyone, I consider myself blessed to live in a city that I adore, occupying my time with activities that I love, doing tours in Florence, traveling every time I feel that I need a break and writing stories about my travel experiences that I hope will inspire other people.
I am the living proof that only the excuses and fear block us from achieving our goals and dreams in life. I was born in a little town in Romania in a family with limited financial resources and I always felt trapped in a world where my soul was suffocating. I needed beauty around me, smiles, positive people, honesty, selflessness, and abundance. I worked hard at university to get a scholarship abroad and I studied harder to be able to build my own future in another country that I love.
I always need new challenges in my life and my travel blog, Elizaland, was one of them. But I didn’t know how to start, what to write about, how to create good content and after reading a lot of information on the internet, I felt more confused and ready to quit, until I discovered Ioana’s travel writing course and without even reading the entire description of the course, I followed my instinct and I contacted her, knowing deep inside my heart, that she was the answer to all my doubts, questions and frustration.
My travel writing improved in a short amount of time thanks to all the advice, notes and even little critics that Ioana had for me, but above all, her support and confidence in my writing helped me understand my uniqueness and the special place that I can find in the travel bloggers’ world. Thank you, Profa!

Hi, I’m Izabella.
Graduated PR and Tourism with a desire to explore every corner of this world. I’m traveling at the speed of Love, choosing to Live in a frequency of unconditional love.
I’m a passionate Super-Adventurer, trips are part of my life and that makes me so happy. I like to travel, to go to places where I have never been so far, to spend a lot of time in nature and to protect it as best I can. I am passionate about photography, yoga, meditation, dance and online.
I walk with confidence in the direction of my dreams. I live the life that I’ve imagined. And I know if I simplify more my life, the laws of the universe will be simpler, and I can live a harmonious Life in Peace, Light, and Love!
Be Free Be Zen is based on Living a Life in Freedom and Harmony, is a Travel and Spiritual blog and I urge you to tend to BE FREE, to Travel around the world, to BE ZEN with me!
I like to be the one who gives the tone of a destination because I have the curiosity to read about and to discover the places off the beaten track, then to tell and write about with a sickening enthusiasm.
I have some “great love”: different cultures, history, people’s stories and adventure. After all, what I do on a trip is the reflection in the mirror of what I do day by day: looking for new things, discovering, trying and enjoying every experience.
As a Tourism Specialist and Travel Blogger, I like to tell you more about the places and tourist attractions I’ve visited to help you in planning your vacations, but also to be aware of the latest trends in tourism, by participating in the newest travel industry events.
Now I can say I’m a Professional Traveler. Thanks, Ioana for your Travel Writer online course that was a great help to me. I’m glad that we found each other by “chance” and to be able to follow your course, from which I have learned and I still learn enormously. The course is well structured, with real stories lived by Ioana and with good examples to follow. There is also a photography course, equally well done with clear examples and ideas on how to make beautiful pictures by phone and by the camera.
Tell me your story!

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