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The best Bali Travel Guide you will love!

Feel like you need a holiday in Bali or even to move there? We all want wonderful escapes at the beach, turquoise waters, great food, and exotic destinations. I know that very well. I used to live with a desktop wallpaper of a beach, discreetly shadowed by palm trees, for […]

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The Island of Gods

I am sitting there, on a sunbed, watching the sunset. I am alone on the beach. In fact, I am not so lonely. The great Mt. Agung is keeping me company. Dressed in pink clouds, silent and magnificent.  I have to admit – when the media news erupted (pun intended), […]

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A story about love

Every time I make a list of things that represent my gratitude, love, and appreciation, there is one subject repeating over and over again. And today I will tell you a story. This is not a love story, it’s a story about love. About passion, people, and hospitality played in […]

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