Kuala Lumpur has a strange power over me. It is not the most beautiful city I’ve seen, it is not the greenest or luxurious capital I’ve been in, but it has something magical: the heat, the smells, the people, the skyscrapers, the lights. And an undoubtedly feeling of being home.

Every time I feel lost in my mind, a single picture from Kuala Lumpur can put me back on the road, can make me feel emotional and happy like a child. 

After a long and wonderful flight with a Dreamliner of Royal Jordanian, from Amman to Bangkok and then to Kuala Lumpur (and mind you: I am still afraid of flying), the Klang Valley city welcomed us with an amazing hot and scented air. Because I have an invincible summer in my heart! 

Another hour with a bus and then 10 minutes with a taxi, and here we were, in the heart of the city, on Bukit Ceylon. We made a reservation at Lanson Place, a 50-floor building, near the Menara and Petronas Towers – to celebrate our come back to the beautiful Kuala Lumpur. 

Even if I knew the hotel’s photos, I definitely was not ready for the breathtaking view of our apartment. 

Situated at the 40th level, with a huge white living room with green accents, and bathroom with tub, our one-bedroom residence has 2 walls of glass, looking over the skyline of the city. It is a show in itself! 

Every minute, every hour, you can see the sky and the clouds and the lights of the towers changing, and your emotions will go crazy. I was feeling on top of the world! 

The bedroom is small, with the same view, with a desk and a white double bed, and has a wonderful bathroom with tub, shower, and wardrobes. 

Three days in a place like this and you will never want to come back home from Kuala Lumpur:) 

The condo has a lounge at the 48th floor, where you can take the breakfast or play pool, an open-air terrace, and huge pools on the 5th floor. 

Our apartment has a kitchen, with everything you need, and I cooked one night our favorite dish: chicken rendang with coconut rice. 

In all the time spent here, I felt with my head in the clouds, a little dizzy and overwhelmed. It is an amazing place to be! 

Around the hotel, there are dozens of bars, restaurants, shops, eateries, massage rooms and the monorail (the fastest transport in the city) is very close (15 min walking). And of course, you can visit Petronas and Menara Tower as well. 

In the first night in town, we had a pleasant walk through the Chinese quarter, to our favorite restaurant, Precious Old China, and – I have to confess – I had tears of happiness in my eyes. 

No matter what I do, I will always come back to KL and I will always love this vibrant, old & new, cloudy & sunny, emotional city. I think Kuala Lumpur is just like… me! 

“I know if I’m haunting you, you must be haunting me.”

All photos made by Vlad Semen, with Sony A7S.

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