I had a wonderful journey from Petra to Aqaba, with a luxurious car driven by a Beduin (65 JOD), through the breathtaking mountains of Jordan, through villages and the sacred site of Wadi Rum. It was a one and a half hour long ride, and I would repeat it anytime! 

You can also have a flight from Amman to Aqaba with Royal Jordanian, and I think this is the best option!

Aqaba is one of the most beautiful cities of Jordan, a seaside resort with palm trees, wonderful weather and scents of sand, flowers and salty winds. 

I already felt a little bit tired after Amman and Petra, but in the second I saw the Red Sea, my exuberance, joy and childish curiosity came back and lasted two amazing days – spent at the beach, in one of the most beautiful minimalist hotels I’ve seen: Kempinski Aqaba Red Sea

Used with the grandeur of the Kempinski Mall of the Emirates or Kempinski Ciragan Palace – this time I was in awe. Kempinski Aqaba is the most simple, comfy, and white hotel from the collection. 

Designed like a luxury boat, with wide windows and sea views from all the rooms and apartments, the hotel is a relaxation oasis. Huge empty spaces, wood doors, big balconies, white beds, white chairs and very little details – near a perfect small beach with pools and jacuzzi, Kempinski Aqaba is made for the people who want time for themselves, to disconnect and unwind from a busy life. 

And to party, why not?! 

The restaurant was full every night, the food was perfect, and Aqaba is a duty-free city. 🙂 You can do here whatever you dream of. 

I loved the white, minimalistic decor, the people’ smiles, the food (the lamb stew, the rendang beef, the pastry), our balcony with amazing views over the sea up to Israel, and on a day with clear sky, up to Egypt, and the lights and fires into the hot, summer February night. 

If I have to take with me just one memory from the Kempinski Aqaba, it will be: the comfy white beds, the smile of a receptionist (I just love Jordanian people) and the smell of the wind over the sea. 

It is a dreamy destination, that I recommend with all my heart! 

After two days, I was ready for a bus ride from Aqaba to Amman, on not so good roads. It didn’t end well, we lost our flight to Dubai, but this meant 4 more days in Amman, for which I can only be grateful.

If you go to Aqaba, Jordan, this is why I recommend Kempinski Red Sea: 

1. White, huge rooms with little decoration. More space for yourself and your feelings. 

2. The amazing food. 

3. People’ smiles. Ladies in red are a symbol of hospitality in all Kempinski hotels around the world. 

4. The minimalistic design, very comfortable and relaxing. 

5. The lights. 

6. The beach and pools. 

7. The SPA and flowers. 

After this adventure, I will not have any expectations about hotels anymore. 

I will let the Universe drive my way into this amazing world because it’s really good to cry tears of happiness. #AWorldOfStories

All photos made by Vlad Semen, with Sony A7S.

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