I was a little bit lost when I was heading to Penang. You know that feeling of being under pressure, overwhelmed, stressed out and don’t know what’s next. So, I was looking for something to make me smile again and a place where to find my peace. 

Campbell House looked just right. A boutique hotel, in the center of George Town, with beautiful rooms and kind people. 

But when I opened the door of this amazing house, I found much, much more. 

Let me tell you my reasons why I would forever choose Campbell House Penang:

1. The beds. I know, it’s lame. But these were the best beds of my life. Comfy, soft, perfectly balanced. I felt all my body spoiled and refreshed. 

2. The food. Penang is one of the best food destinations in SE Asia. If everybody says so, maybe it is. I don’t know. Because the perfect Italian food from Il Bacaro was more than enough for us. 

3. The barefoot journey. Yes, when in Campbell House, you have to walk barefoot. The wooden floors, the carpets, the stairs are tailored for your comfort and pleasure. And I’ve felt grounded and alive and living in the moment. 

4. The terrace. This little piece of heaven, on the roof of Campbell House, gave me tremendous peace and confidence. I was there, at every sunrise, at every sunset, listening to the noises of the city, feeling home. 

5. The books and movies were amazing! I read about food and restaurants, and we’ve watched some old movies on our DVD. The best time for ourselves. 

6. The people. Kind, generous, good, inspiring. Nothing too pushy or too “official”. Just great conversations, a lot of smiles and mind & soul comfort. 

7. In this place, you will feel like a princess: gorgeous different rooms, Italian food (so, so good!), movies and ice tea. 

After 3 days at the Campbell House Penang, I was refreshed and ready for new adventures. And I have to get back to try the other rooms, of course!

All photos made by Vlad Semen, with Sony A7S.

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