In one very hot afternoon, after some long days of worries and doubts, when I’ve decided to let go and enjoy life a little more, I’ve stepped into a Universe of flowers, oriental charm, and music. Soft, blessed music for my soul. 

When you are unsettled, two days can seem very little. But when you smile and feel like you’re on a holiday, two days are more than enough to show you the good life. The life that matters! 

So, the first image I saw was… the sky reflected in my table. All those wonderful clouds running through my room, leaving the sky clear and opened for negotiation. And there, in that moment, I’ve asked myself: “What if everything I ever wished is possible?” 

And it is. It is! 

These are moments of my life at the wonderful Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur. Read more on my HuffPost blog

All photos made by Vlad Semen, with Sony A7S.

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