I’ve managed to avoid Penang a lot in the last years and I don’t know why. Now, after our journey on the island, I can tell you this: it’s worth a visit! Let me take your hand and show you my Penang and the things I fell in love with.

1. I loved this breathtaking view from my room at the Eastern & Oriental Hotel! I’ve spent two blessed mornings here, watching the sunrise. 

2. This room is the dream of every traveler! 

3. The 5 o’clock tea. They offer delicious finger-food and a free flow of wine, beer, and spirits. Tea and coffee too, of course. 🙂 

4. The magical nights at the pool, with hot tropical rain and lightning bolts as a beautiful background.

5. The old charming atmosphere of the hotel, full of history and rich in details. I’ve received a very, very appreciated gift: a cookbook with Penang recipes. Thank you!

6. Gorge Town is magnificent, and I love the new part of the town, with towers, large streets, flowers and the salty air. 

7. Relaxing in a hammock at the seaside. This was at the Batu Ferringhi beach resort, in the magical garden of Lone Pine Hotel.

8. The traditional Malay food. My favorite food in the world. I actually travel with the Rendang mixture in my backpack, for the times when I will have to cook something. 

9. White rooms with big beds, a bathtub on my balcony and a garden with sea view? Yes, please! 

10. This is the entrance in the Lone Pine Universe. No words, just awe. 

11. The last night in here, I was a little bored and worried about the future. Then, I’ve seen some fire in the garden and went down in a hurry to find this! Blue, magical water, healing fire, starry sky, sea scent, and the trees in full blossom. Just like a fairytale. 

12. When you’re on the road and have the privilege to see so many beautiful places, every detail matters. Thank you, Penang, for having us! 

All photos made by Vlad Semen, with Sony A7S.

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