I remember many years ago, I was in the lobby of Ritz, in Paris, looking in awe at the wonderful design and the grandeur of this iconic hotel. And in that moment, I had a dream: maybe, someday, I will stay at the Ritz.

And my dreams always come true! 

Fast forward 5 years later, I am in the lobby of Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur and I am here to stay! That pleasure, that warm feeling of being there with a reason… oh, it’s indescribable.

The design of the hotel is very rich in details, from silk to velvet and leather, from blue glass to black marble. Our room is spacious, airy, comfortable, with two beds, a leather desk, a huge white bathroom, a dressing for a queen, and big windows to the skyline of KL. What else can you want?

But, wait! There is more… We have access to the Club, a quiet, intimate space, where you can eat some delicacies and drink a glass of wine. We have an invitation to the 5 o’clock tea, a lunch at The Patisserie, a Sunday brunch and a dinner at The Library! 

Everything was centered around the exceptional food.

Let me tell you what I loved most about the Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur:

1. The Club, the elegance and food in here, the personnel, and all the people working and talking and just admiring this amazing space. 

2. Our room, a cozy space with a huge TV for the movies of my heart, and for the work I love. 

3. The smoking room. I know, I know. But I loved this room so much, I couldn’t let it behind. The soft music, the beige leather armchairs, the silence. 

4. The Library – one of the best restaurants I’ve ever seen. The food is delicious, but the sweets and pastries are exceptional. The Chef is very talented and passionate about cakes! And you can take an amazing dinner in a library full of books about travel and food.

5. The pool and the SPA – a serene space, where I took some quality time for myself. In the heart of the city, yet so far away from the bustling crowd. 

6. The 5 o’clock tea. It was full every day with hotel clients and people who just enjoyed a Sunday afternoon in a very beautiful hotel. The mini-hamburgers were fabulous!

7. At the Club Lounge, I could admire the Chefs at work:) I love that!

8. Our special dinner at The Library – with delicious lamb, seafood, and out of this world cakes. 

9. I had super fun at the breakfast, the guests and the staff were very friendly and amusing. 

10. I will never forget the music:) 

But if I have to take just one thing with me, it is… the pastry. All the cakes were a divine creation, a real piece of art. 

Beyond my accomplished dream, after 4 days and nights at the Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur, I was fascinated by the ease, joy, and glory of this space. It is a brand which knows how to surprise you every time. 

And if you want to spoil yourself, because you deserve it, please choose to stay at least for one night at Ritz-Carlton KL, and make some unforgettable memories. 

All photos made by Vlad Semen, with Sony A7S.

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