Sometimes, when you are least expecting, magic happens. You have the power to open the door to all possibilities and to step into the light. Because we are all magical creators, and our life is exactly how we dreamed it, how we make it. 

This is how we roll: 

1. Check-in into a room with wide opened windows to one of the most beautiful cities in the world. 

2. The magical scents of life. 

3. Dream on, dreamer!

4. Take a deep breath, and enjoy the jasmine green tea at the Thirty8

5. Swimming with a view. Under a Frangipani tree. 

6. Breakfast is always better at dizzying heights.

7. Minimalistic luxury. The city is our VIP guest. 

8. The storm is coming! Ah, the beauty of Mother Nature.

9. Some delicious sweets for our magical afternoons. 

10. The best cocktails, lights, and people. 

For me, divine timing means that moment when I am so aligned with the energy of my dreams that everything flows into my reality with ease, peace, joy, love and tears of happiness. 

Our days and nights at the Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur were unforgettable. 

But this is not luck. Nor hard work. But love, flow, and faith. 

All photos made by Vlad Semen, with Sony A7S. Read more on my HuffPost Blog

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