After an amazing flight with Cathay Pacific to Hong Kong, I lived one of the most intense and uplifting experiences of my life. For two magical days, I was literally into the clouds, above Hong Kong, on the 106th floor of the glorious Ritz-Carlton hotel. 
I knew I would have a wonderful time in here, but I was not ready for the astonishing reality. 

When you step into your room, you can see the Victoria Harbour – the tallest buildings in the world, and all the sea with boats and cruise ships all the way to the horizon. 

Even if it was cloudy most of the time, I had breathtaking moments from sunrise to sunset. And when the night comes, you can see the city in all its glory, with all those powerful, dreamy lights! 

I’ve spent many hours at the Club Lounge (116th floor), with delicious food, champagne, and mesmerizing views. When it’s raining, the clouds are under you, revealing just portions of the mountain and the sea, with glimpses of the sun’s rays. It’s more powerful than anything I’ve witnessed!

My beautiful friend, Fiona, took me to lunch at Tosca – an Italian one-Michelin star restaurant, with the city being our VIP guest. 

Clouds were running around us in a very special show, and we were delighted by the fabulous food of the Chef Pino Lavarra. I have even met him, and this was the perfect experience for me! 

Our tasting menu included a selection of mozzarella and tomato Caprese, ricotta gnocchi, calamari and pesto sauce, roasted guinea fowl breast with lemon and Swiss chard, and a peach variation (a perfect gelato!). 

I would go back there for the out-of-this-world food and for the Chef’s passion. You can feel it in every dish! 

There are 2 more Michelin-star Chinese restaurants, Cafe 103, and the famous Ozone – the highest rooftop bar in the world. 

If you want to have a truly amazing experience, you can even swim in the highest pool in the world, at the 116th floor! It’s quite an adventure, especially at night.

From the moment you step into this hotel, checking in on the 103rd floor, until the end of your journey (when you can take the train to the airport from under the hotel!) – you will be speechless. It’s once in a lifetime experience. 

In my room, I had the perfect Ritz-Carlton bed, a desk with city views and a leather armchair, an entire apartment as a marble bathroom, their famous Asprey signature bath and body amenities, and a mirror on the ceiling to see the port and its amazing lights. 

For two days, I haven’t felt the need to go out and explore the city. Guilt not included:) In there, I was very, very happy. 

You have a lavish treatment at the SPA suites, and if you travel with your kids, they have an amazing program: Ritz Kids for the little ones. 

I had many surprises: a printed selfie in my room, perfect candies and macarons, a fast and affordable laundry service, and the most romantic nights of my life, with the Hong Kong lights protecting and amplifying my dreams. 

If I would keep just one memory from this amazing place, I would choose the soft glow of the entire hotel. Everywhere you can see golden lights, shiny details, real gold and powerful decorations that will remind you where you are: in the highest hotel in the world. With your head in the clouds. 

If you dream of Hong Kong, the magical Cathay Pacific will give you wings to fly high. 

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