I’ve recently read a lot of stories about Dubai. People who lived there and had wonderful experiences in this magical city, people who consider that Dubai is a cold (pun intended) and materialistic place, and tourists mesmerized by its beauty. I’ve been in the city a couple of nights in the last year, and I am in love with it. Yes, it’s hot and has different rules, yes, it’s demanding, and yes, it’s powerful, diverse, abundant, and beautiful. 

So, every time I land in Dubai, I am ready to discover more and more. Last month, I was astonished by some out-of-this-world gardens – something that I haven’t believed to be possible in the fiery Dubai. 

It was late when my plane landed and a car was waiting for us at the arrivals. I felt blessed because the weather in the mid-July is torrid. And to see the shiny city from a luxury ride is magnificent! 

After 15 minutes, we have entered a magical space. Everything was soft pink, with candles and diffuse lights, and everyone was smiling and welcoming us after the long flight. The check-in is fast, and here I am – in my beautiful club room, with a balcony over the gardens. 

In the distance, I can gaze at the tranquil sea and I can smell the divine scent of the frangipani flowers. 

The bed is magical, soft and comfortable, and I can sleep in here forever. The last cigarette in my balcony made me dream of this amazing part of the world, a city rich in possibilities, lights, and bold architecture. 

In the next two days, I went out just for 10 minutes, because the city is boiling and the streets are empty and wrapped in a silver light. Everything in Dubai’s summer is like a story from One Thousand and One Nights – smoke and mirrors, soft gaze, and translucent air. And the heat is like a thick blanket that protects you and carries you on its arms.

I was blown away by the beauty of the surroundings: flowers and water, fires on the beach, restaurants in the sand, transcendental spa scents, candles and Oriental lanterns on the hallways, delicious food, smiles, a pink beach in the twilight, restaurants with wooden ceilings, crystal chandeliers and piano music, an intimate club with people from all over the world, and soft conversations in English, French, German and Arabic. 

How can you not fall in love with this city?! 

If I could take with me just one experience, one memory, it would be the magical inside & outside gardens. And I let the pictures tell you this story! 

I will always love Dubai. I understand its power and beauty. I met amazing people in here, who really appreciate the possibilities, the diversity and the magic of this city. Yes, you have to play by its rules, but they are fair, futuristic and abundant rules. I think this city will be The Future one day. It deserves to be! 

If you want to have unforgettable memories in Dubai, I recommend you with all my heart The Ritz-Carlton Universe. 

* the magical gardens

* the Plam Grill on the beach

* the beds!!

* the club and the delicious dishes served with champagne and prosecco

* the lights and the flowers

* the spa

* the people from all over the world

* the nights full of dreams. 

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