After a perfect 5-hour flight with Cathay Pacific from Hong Kong, I landed in Bali with tears of joy. I was finally home. I missed this island so much, and from the moment I stepped outside the airport I understood why. 

The air was fresh after the rain and the fabulous scent of frangipani flowers took me by surprise. I was in paradise. 

I had a paid visa on arrival and the process was smooth and fast. My driver was waiting for me with a sign, and the two hours from Denpasar to Ubud were magical. Even if the traffic is bad, you cannot get bored in here. Every street, person, village, and every jungle have their own power to impress you and hook you forever. 

I arrived at the Sri Ratih Cottages Ubud in the night, and a smiling lady showed me my room: a huge apartment with comfy beds, a semi-open regal bathroom and a garden with a pool and frangipani trees. I was in love from the first minute! 

I had a simple dinner and a 9-hour sleep – which is very strange for me. But in the morning, when the sun was up, I was feeling refreshed and ready for a new adventure. 

These are my 10 reasons why I chose Sri Ratih Cottages in Ubud, Bali: 

1. Location: Sri Ratih Cottages are in Penestanan, very close to Ubud’s center, but still far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

2. Accommodation: they offer amazing apartments and rooms, with comfy beds, amazing Balinese bathrooms and everything you will ever need. 

3. The team: all the people from Sri Ratih are ah-mazing! Smiling, kind, playful, and truly helpful. 

4. The pool & garden: there is nothing more beautiful than the natural paradise of this island. 

5. The family: they have a truly great history and story. A beautiful temple rises in the garden, protecting them and telling all the adventures of this soul business. 

6. The breakfast: you will have a fresh, eco breakfast near a fish pond. It is perfection! (and very instagrammable:)

7. The food: Balinese dishes, western dishes, and a sense of community, peace, and relaxation. And a very good Rendang:) 

8. The view: pool, garden and unbelievable Balinese green all around. 

9. The Island of Gods. Enough said! 

10. Peace, relaxation and a lot of activities for you. Check it here

Thank you, Sri Ratih, for the amazing days! 

If you dream to visit Bali, choose Cathay Pacific, you will have an unforgettable experience:) 

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