Last month we took a ride to Singapore to master our Indonesian business visas and to have some fun, of course. Last year, we’ve stayed almost 10 days in Singapore and I had some mixed feelings: first – it was the enthusiasm to see such an open-minded, luxurious urban jungle, then – it was my claustrophobia in the face of very small living spaces. So, this year I got crystal clear about what Singapore means to me. And I am going to tell you all… This city rocks! Why? See for yourself. 

One more thing before we rock&roll. For all travelers interested in the Bali-Singapore segment (or the other way around), you should take into consideration a flight with KLM. They operate this route on the way to Amsterdam, at amazing prices (even cheaper than AirAsia), the teams and services are great, and you will fly with the stunning Boeing 777-300. In the monsoon season, flying a large aircraft changes everything. (I know I’m not the only one in here with a fear of flying, right?) 

Let’s dive in: 20 Things to do in Singapore!

1. The most luxurious and sophisticated part of the city is – no doubt about that – Marina. We checked-in at Marina Mandarin, by Meritus, and we had good reasons for that: it has perfect views from all the rooms, it has balconies (which for me is perfection!), and it has a wonderful club to hang around. But, some surprises kicked in. 

We’ve discovered in our room a welcome letter written in Romanian. It was a very nice touch & it gave me a great feeling. In the last two years and over 50 hotels around Asia, I’ve never received something in my language. And I’ve discovered “the mystery” – under his name: Cristian. Our Romanian friend took good care of us at the Club Lounge – his working place. We shared stories and adventures, and I want to say: “Thank you, Cristian! It was an honor.” This is a small world full of beautiful hearts. Love it! 

2. Even if you stay somewhere else, please come to Marina Mandarin and check up the lobby. It is unbelievable. One of the biggest atriums in Asia, designed in a relaxed, elegant and feng-shui style, with amazing lights and real birds singing. From level 1 to 5, you will find five restaurants and cafes, ready to indulge your soul. 

3. The hotel offers direct access to the Marina Square Shopping Mall and it is within walking distance to popular tourist attractions such as the Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, Gardens by the Bay, and the Singapore Flyer. It is also situated trackside of the Singapore Grand Prix Formula One race. 

4. We’ve visited last year the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and I loved it very much. So, I wanted to see it again. We took a pleasant long walk to the Chinatown and the temple – arriving while a religious service was ongoing. Out-of-this-world feeling! Please, go there and whisper a wish. It will come true. (been there, done that) 

5. Then we visited the oldest church in Singapore – The Armenian Church of Saint Gregory the Illuminator. There, I found some peace and quiet time for myself (I had a lot of wishes, you know:)). 

6. Singapore is great day or night, on foot or on a boat. Give it a try! Take a river cruise into the sunset, it is fabulous and not crowded at all. 

7. You have some responsibilities as well! Like taking a perfect Instagram picture with the Marina in the twilight. Your followers will go crazy, hahaha:) 

8. For a casual night out, choose Loof. It’s seated on the rooftop garden on the top floor of Odeon Towers & has been awarded as Singapore’s best rooftop bar. With Asian influences throughout the bar, from the design to the drinks, it is nostalgic yet trendy at the same time.

9. Orchard Central has always intrigued me with its long escalators all around the mall. At 12 stories high, this shopping mall is a treasure box waiting to be explored. But, the best part is the Orchard Roof Garden. Grab a beer with a view of Sumiya while you’re there.

10. If you fancy an elegant dinner, go directly to 1-Altitude. Tasty food, great atmosphere, and an open-air rooftop with breathtaking views, colors and lights, music, drinks, and fashionable people. 

To be continued… 

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