I’ve always dreamed to visit Hong Kong and to let its lights and heights inspire me. Mind you, I am still a little bit scared of flights and I didn’t know that in July the monsoon is in the city. But I chose wisely. 

The best company to fly to a new destination is a local one, the pilots and the crew know exactly how to comfort you and make you feel like a million-dollar traveler. 

So, here I am – boarding Cathay Pacific for an 8-hour flight from Dubai to Hong Kong. The procedures are fast, and a very beautiful lady approaches me with smiles and encouragements: “Dear Moana (yes, I let her call me Moana! I love it!!), this will be a perfect flight. Relax and let me take care of you!” 

My very first selfie

And so she did. Of course, I dived into their collection of cocktails and perfect drinks, I ate everything (perfect local dishes!) and I rested for a while, watching some movies. 

The 8 hours changed into 2, imperceptibly. And after a delicious breakfast and a strong coffee, I could see the dark clouds of a baby thunderstorm melting away, then I landed into a perfect Hong Kong sunrise. It was unbelievably beautiful! 

This is why I love Asia and its people. They see you, you are real, you are here! They listen to you, they look into your eyes and comfort you. And they smile all the time with sincerity and kindness. 

When we landed, I wanted to sleep into my plane armchair, not to go out :)) But I think this is never an option, and I know I will have another flight with Cathay Pacific, so I told them “good bye” and went out, into the glorious morning of Hong Kong.

After 4 days in the city, I can tell you my conclusions: 

* All the people are so good and welcoming, that you will be blown away. They are stopping you on the streets and ask you how are you doing. And this, for a huge city, is magical! 

* their trams are from a different story. You can see the city at a small pace, and stare at people, shops, and lights. 

* you can find in here everything you ever dreamed of, even more: from delicious food to street bargains, from skyscrapers to small traditional restaurants, from wild nature to futuristic details. 

* the skyline of Hong Kong will take your breath away – it’s exactly as you’ve seen in the pics! 

* you can ride an Uber at decent prices, from under the sea – to the mainland. And from there, you can take a train to the airport. No need to step into the rainy, wet streets. 

* even if it’s the monsoon season, Hong Kong has amazing sunsets, flowery scents, and crowdy streets, buzzing with very stylish people. 

* you can choose to eat street-food, at local tavernas or Michelin star restaurants. The food is delicious everywhere in the city. 

* if it’s raining, let your Victoria Peak climb for another time. You’ll be literally with your head in the clouds and probably frustrated that you can’t see anything! 

* You will definitely want to come back. I know I am! There are much, much more to see and feel and explore. 

Thank you, Hong Kong, for having me! 

More pics from our adventure -> here

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