In a sleepless night, I’ve walked out of my room, into the garden, and I looked at the most magical sky I’ve ever seen. It was the full moon, I could see millions of stars and I’ve whispered big dreams and crazy wishes. Because, you know, it was the right place and time to do it! 

Our 10-year anniversary of love was exactly on the night of the full moon. And we are in Bali. So, the most logical thing to do was to choose a wonderful hotel to celebrate this day. 

We are in love with Sanur. It is a very special place in Bali, with strong energy, elegance, openness, and a community dedicated to preserving Balinese traditions and history. Sanur was the first place where Dutch colonists arrived. It is a gate of calm waters, it is a city full of life and glory, and it is sometimes strange – I heard tales about black magic and out-of-this-world healings, about priests and sea-temples, it is an enclave of myths, stories, and manifestations. 

From the first time I’ve stepped into the Sanur Community, I felt I am home. I could sense strange feelings of belonging, of other-lives memories. Not in a fearful way, but in the calmest, peaceful, loving way. I was embraced in a warm, safe grip and I couldn’t take Sanur out of my mind. 

So, it was my choice for our anniversary. To stay there longer, to understand, to discover, to let ourselves be carried away by the silence and energy of Sanur. 

At first sight, Sanur is just a seaside resort for middle-aged people, with a long promenade, and a beach washed by calm waters. And of course, there are tens of hotels along the shore. 

I chose Sudamala. This name means “portrait”. And I was hooked by the Balinese traditions – sacredly respected in here, and by the old photographs on the Sudamala walls. Yes, it felt like a very strong message: “Go there, immerse yourself in this energy, explore, feel your ancestral memories!” 

From the outside world, these things might seem strange and even creepy. But, with all my reservations and “believe it when you see it” attitude, I had to surrender. 

We stayed 3 nights at Sudamala. In a luxury Garden Apartment, with three frangipani trees around us, with amazingly comfy beds, with colors and lights, with delicious food, with new friends and stories. 

I haven’t slept in the first two nights. I was perfectly aware of the beauty of the sky, of scents, of stars, of Sanur, of this magical world. I was, maybe for the first time in my life, grounded, into a perfect mindfulness, breathing the pain out and letting the love in, healing myself with silence and beauty. 

After the waves of pain and limiting beliefs left me, I’ve raised my voice and dreams to the sky, and on the last night, I slept like a baby, imagining myself in another life, wearing a white dress and a hat, feeling at home. 

At Sudamala, you are surrounded by silence and flowers, you can only hear the birds and the water from the fountains, and you can spoil yourself with the most delicious food. 

Vlad asked me to tell you about the pumpkin soup – his favorite – the best soup he tried in Bali:) Yes, it was a masterpiece. 

Around the resort, you have large, clean, elegant streets (a little bit unusual for Bali), you have amazing vintage bars with Balinese coffee and cocktails, there is an old temple of the first King of Sanur, there are wonderful houses and villas, a beautiful alley to the beach, a scent of frangipani and sea, and a perfect atmosphere for your thirsty soul. 

I was thirsty for silence, for love, for waves. I was thirsty for stories. For magical people. For adventure. 

And I have found them here, at Sudamala. 

Beyond my reluctance to believe in the unseen world – there is something I can not deny. When you are in Bali, things happen. It is the most intense island I’ve ever seen. It is beautiful, no doubt about that. But it also has answers for those who dare to ask questions. For those who surrender and let the island make her number. And you will be surprised. 

After Bali, you will never be the same. 

For tourists and adventurers, for families with kids, for singles or for honeymooners – Bali is ready to offer something, or even to invent something right away. 

Walking, surfing, eating, and dancing will not be enough. You will want to stop and breathe. And when you stop, the island gets you. The energy of Bali is so strong and inexplicable that you will be lost in a free fall, into an avalanche of emotions.

You will want to leave. To pause your feelings. 

And when you will be away, safe and sound, only then you will taste the real magic of Bali – a shameless, unforgettable, hard love. 

More information, pictures and reservation details – on Sudamala site & Facebook

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  1. You're making us fall in love with Bali, through your stories and pictures. I feel that's a little bit unfair, only because I like to discover on my own, not be told about places, but Bali is getting close to making the list of my to go countries, almost right after Costa Rica.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Thank YOU!! 🙂 Hope to come here soon, to feel this island.