It was a night full of stars and scented breeze, and I was alone on the beach. Far away, I could see a fire and happy kids making marshmallows. The waves were soft like a black velvet and I whispered a wish: “whatever it takes!” I had frangipani flowers in my hair and a canang sari ready to follow my wish into the ocean. It was a magical night! 
Christmas is that time of the year when all your dreams are a little bit exacerbated, overwhelming and powerful enough to come true. I wished for this Christmas to be on the beach, with my love, but inside, I had a mesmerizing dream: to live here as long as I can, to be a part of this magical island. Bali is home and so should be! 
Ubud is a little bit rainy these days, and we chose to spend our Christmas on the most elegant and luxurious part of the island, in Nusa Dua, at Meliá – the biggest Spanish resort in the world. I have to admit: sometimes, the memories are hunting me and I need some western treats. 
Meliá is a family resort, full of very happy people with kids. But in the middle of it, we found an exclusive island of delicious food, a secluded beach, and special treatment. 
From the moment we’ve stepped in, we were greeted with champagne and a special check-in at The Level — the private, wonderful club of the hotel. Our room had lagoon access, two comfy beds, and a living room. They’ve welcomed us with cheese, grapes and Balinese red wine.  
The property is designed like a luxuriant garden, with alleys shaded by frangipani trees and coconut palms. The pools are a little bit crowded, of course, but we had access to The Level pool and The Villas Beach – where we saw just a couple of people. 
I had three favorite places in here: our perfect beach – with covered daybeds, where you can order cocktails and stare at the ocean even when it’s raining. We stayed there for hours, had lunch and Piña Colada, and Vlad swam into the rain and the emerald ocean. 
I loved so much our breakfast at Sorrento, an elegant Spanish restaurant, with amazing food and services. I had in there the best coffee, strawberries and green juices, and some super delicious paella and lamb chops for dinner. 
Our most delightful surprise was Lotus Asian Garden – one of the best restaurants in Bali. The food is out of this world. (I chose Rendang, of course, my favorite Asian dish). 
The nights were full of stars and perfumes after the daily rain, and in the garden, there were cinema picnics or BBQs. Fire on the beach, soft music, mysterious alleys with daybeds and temples, yoga in the morning, the best espresso at The Level, tennis, lunch on the beach, SPA treatments — you can have it all. 
Oh, and I really loved El Patio – the main restaurant – opened 24 hours. I wake up at 5 AM, and it was a pleasure to be alone in the garden and drink a cup of hot coffee with the stars. 
At the Spanish Resort – you can choose a regular package (bed and breakfast), an exclusive treat (The Level, Lagoon & Villas access) or all-inclusive. Basically, we had all of them. :)) And it felt sooo good — we had free flow of food and drinks whenever we wanted, a private pool at The Level and a lagoon next to our room’s terrace, a tranquil and perfect beach, and any thematic night we wanted to participate – which… we didn’t. 
We chose to take our time and breathe. Because Christmas, or in fact any other holiday, is about pleasure, indulgence, slow motion, delicious food, cocktails and welcoming every moment. 


Meliá announced your benefits if you book directly with them – if the volcano is restless and erupts, they will give you free nights of accommodation and transfer to the closest operational airport. So, now you know! You can come to Bali, stress-free 🙂 
This was our Christmas in Bali and I can wholeheartedly say — I could not have wanted something more beautiful. A Spanish Fiesta for my soul, mind, and body.

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