I have been dreaming of this island for almost 18 months. The moment I realized that my dream was about to happen, I kept asking myself: what am I looking for in Corfu? Why? What am I going to do there?

Many friends asked me why I chose Corfu – because I got used to more exotic destinations.

Corfu is a high-energy island, a healing vortex. In addition, there is something called the “St. Michael & Appolo line” – a strange settlement of dozens of places of worship dedicated to Archangel Michael – in a straight line – passing through Ireland, UK, France, Italy, Greece, and Israel.

This is my greatest passion. To explore the unseen, the invisible, the magical things of the world.

And so we left.

  • the moment I left the house (in Bucharest), I found money on the floor.
  • I arrived safely at our accommodation in Corfu Town and went out into the garden – it was full of fireflies around me. Magic!
  • I moved to a village “randomly” chosen, and everything is perfect – we have a beautiful house, garden, divine peace, private beach, flowers, birds, turtles, white horses, boats, and a supermarket that delivers to the door.
  • every night, we watch the full moon that creates a portal over the Mediterranean Sea. The most beautiful show in the world.
  • I’ve discovered a village created directly from my imagination. And now I can say that I’m living the dream.

This is how our life in Corfu looked like in the first week.

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