10 Fascinating things about Viceroy Bali

It was a late February afternoon and I was sitting outside, into the sun, watching the bees. There is a fresh, scented air, a mystical shadow over the jungle, and a deep silence around me. My thoughts are fighting - like always - but my body and soul are resting in a place that I can easily call home. Beyond the luxurious exterior, there is something in here that triggers my strongest emotions - a meaningful sense of being.

How to get into trouble with style

I've always had this image in my head. A single girl in a blue dress, a little bit bored, a little bit eager, an unplanned night out, a seductive city, an elegant car, out loud music through a glass door, a sensual room with red velvet couches, red lights, rich golden walls, art that makes your soul sing, dancing like nobody's watching, a tall dark stranger, an unforgettable look, a night with conversations and an old whiskey, smoke and mirrors. And yeah, some troubles.

The best Bali Travel Guide you will love!

Feel like you need a holiday in Bali? We all want wonderful escapes at the beach, turquoise waters, great food and exotic destinations. I know that very well. I used to live with a desktop wallpaper of a beach, discreetly shadowed by palm trees, for many years. 

If you have this dream, no matter how long it takes, it will come true. 

A Spanish Fiesta in Bali

It was a night full of stars and scented breeze, and I was alone on the beach. Far away, I could see a fire and happy kids making marshmallows. The waves were soft like a black velvet and I whispered a wish: "whatever it takes!" I had frangipani flowers in my hair and a canang sari ready to follow my wish into the ocean. It was a magical night! 

The Island of Gods

I am sitting there, on a sunbed, watching the sunset. I am alone on the beach. In fact, I am not so lonely. The great Mt. Agung is keeping me company. Dressed in pink clouds, silent and magnificent.