A story about love

Every time I make a list of things that represent my gratitude, love, and appreciation, there is one subject repeating over and over again. And today I will tell you a story. This is not a love story, it's a story about love. About passion, people, and hospitality played in another league. 

10 years of love. The portrait of an anniversary.

In a sleepless night, I've walked out of my room, into the garden, and I looked at the most magical sky I've ever seen. It was the full moon, I could see millions of stars and I've whispered big dreams and crazy wishes. Because, you know, it was the right place and time to do it! 

După trei luni. Povești balineze.

Este seara târziu, stau pe terasa mea și admir licuricii jucându-se în câmpurile de orez. Pe lângă stele, avioane și câteva geamuri vecine, licuricii sunt singurele lumini din sat. Am o eșarfă roz pe care o strâng în jurul meu, respirând cu nesaț aerul parfumat al nopții. Trei luni. Unde au zburat?! 

Cum se simt visele împlinite

Prin martie, anul acesta, eram într-un autobuz care gonea pe șoselele din Malaysia. Eram complet pierdută în vise, ascultam la nesfârșit Million Reasons de la Lady Gaga, și îmi imaginam o casă în Bali, orezării, prieteni, liniște și iubire. Habar n-aveam ce va fi, cum va fi.

Top 10 Asia - my bucket list

Did you ever dream of traveling through Asia and marvel at its beaches, mountains and incredible skyscrapers? Or maybe you've already been there and now you want to experience something more, something different. Well, today I will show you my bucket list. I am based in Bali and I love to travel with reliable, safe, and elegant airlines (this is a top-request for me when I fly). I decided that I really love Cathay Pacific and I looked at their destinations. So, let's see what am I dreaming of, maybe you'll find some inspiration for your next holiday.