An unforgettable experience on the Island of Hong Kong

After my comfortable flight with Cathay Pacific, I was welcomed at the airport by a smiling driver who took me to a road trip to Hong Kong Island. I was very sleepy, but more than curious to see everything. And I've discovered that Hong Kong has the most amazing clouds in the world, in different shades of gray, blue, white and black. It's a show in itself. 

The Road to Hong Kong

I've always dreamed to visit Hong Kong and to let its lights and heights inspire me. Mind you, I am still a little bit scared of flights and I didn't know that in July the monsoon is in the city. But I chose wisely. 

Toate zilele mele sunt duminici

Este 6 dimineața în Ubud, plouă încontinuu, iar singura lumină din sat este cea din biroul meu. Aici toți localnicii se culcă devreme, oricum pe la 7 seara e deja întuneric. Am adoptat acest obicei, la 8-9 sunt în pat, însă mă trezesc foarte devreme, din obiceiul omului agitat, care are mereu ceva de făcut, de rezolvat. Doar că aici mai există ceva, inexplicabil și nedemonstrat științific: energiile insulei, care nu te lasă să te pierzi în agitațiile ritualice, nu te lasă să redevii cel care ai fost până acum, și nici să mai porți cu tine povara unei existențe pe fugă.

Can you have a business and travel the world?

When I first started the adventure of freelancing, 8 years ago, I was so preoccupied to be perfect, to work fast, to meet the deadlines of my clients, and to do my best overall, that traveling was out of the question. At that time, I had no idea that there are more options to help me balance remote work and travel. Let me tell you my story in a way I never did...

Why visit Romania?! 7 Reasons and an adventure.

Today I will present you a lifetime adventure and another kind of holiday for those who love to discover new lands, nature, secluded villages, history, culture, amazing people, great food, art and entertainment, sea, mountains, cities, architecture, music and fashion, old churches and secret destinations of the world. All of these in just one place, in one country: Romania.