Dream big. Travel far. Enjoy life.

These Days I'm getting ready for a new adventure and I received via email very, very interesting question from Jamie Wharton at Earnest.com. Earnest stands by the phrase, “Whatever your dream, we can help get you there. They offer low-interest personal loans to financially responsible people so thinks like dream vacations don’t have to stay just dreams! I was asked, "What trip would you take with a $ 10,000 budget? Where Would You Go, and how Would you allocate your money to travel comfortably and see everything on your list without going over budget?" So, here is my answer!

What I've learned from The Ritz-Carlton team

If you have read me for some time now, you know I fall in love with the most creative, innovative brands around the world. But, after a while, it looks like you've seen... well, everything. Of course, that's not true, but just a feeling of linearity. 

We had to lose ourselves to find ourselves

Dear friends, I am very happy and honored to present you a traveler, a dreamer, and a wonderful woman in love with this world. My friend, my student, and my inspiration: Ingrid. And she has some magical stories for you! 

Sony a7S: micul gigant

ISO 10000                                        16mm                                        f/9.5                                        1/15 sec
Pentru ultima noastră călătorie, cea mai mare dorinţă a fost să-mi fac treaba cu uşurinţă: să fac poze de calitate cu un efort minim. Am avut şi un vis - să folosesc pentru prima oară un obiectiv ultra-wide, şi un capriciu - să folosesc pentru prima oară un obiectiv macro (în principal pentru portrete).

Welcome to Sri Lanka!

My lifetime dream of visiting Sri Lanka had finally come true. Last month, Vlad and I were treated like the kings of the island for an entire magical week. I have a lot of memories, photos, and stories, and more important I have more reasons to come back. Because one week is not enough to explore and discover the fabulous universe of Sri Lanka.