The best Bali Travel Guide you will love!

Feel like you need a holiday in Bali? We all want wonderful escapes at the beach, turquoise waters, great food and exotic destinations. I know that very well. I used to live with a desktop wallpaper of a beach, discreetly shadowed by palm trees, for many years. 

If you have this dream, no matter how long it takes, it will come true. 

A Spanish Fiesta in Bali

It was a night full of stars and scented breeze, and I was alone on the beach. Far away, I could see a fire and happy kids making marshmallows. The waves were soft like a black velvet and I whispered a wish: "whatever it takes!" I had frangipani flowers in my hair and a canang sari ready to follow my wish into the ocean. It was a magical night! 

O vacanță magică în Bali

După 6 luni în Bali, mi-am dat seama că insula asta nu este doar incredibil de frumoasă, ci are ceva cu adevărat magic. Recunosc, am fost fooooarte sceptică la început. Aveam senzația ca toți vor în Bali ca sa își traiască propria poveste Eat, Pray, Love, să se vindece de chestii, să picteze și să facă yoga. Însa Bali este mult, mult mai mult de atât. M-am convins pe propria-mi piele:)) 

The Island of Gods

I am sitting there, on a sunbed, watching the sunset. I am alone on the beach. In fact, I am not so lonely. The great Mt. Agung is keeping me company. Dressed in pink clouds, silent and magnificent. 

20 Things to do in Singapore (2)

Last month we took a ride to Singapore to master our Indonesian business visas and to have some fun, of course. Here I wrote about the first part of our adventure in this amazing city. But let's go deep into the Singapore well-kept secrets :)