Last month we took a ride to Singapore to master our Indonesian business visas and to have some fun, of course. Here I wrote about the first part of our adventure in this amazing city. But let’s go deep into the Singapore well-kept secrets 🙂 

11. After Marina, we moved to Orchard, at the sister hotel – Mandarin Orchard, by Meritus. That came with a lot of surprises too. All 1077 rooms were full! So, for two days, I’ve seen more people than in the last year. But the space and design of the hotel really help. 

12. Most of the time, we enjoyed the Meritus Club Lounge – a vintage, elegant and quiet place with a stunning 360 degrees view over Singapore (and great food & cocktails). 

13. We had a delicious dinner at the award-winning Chatterbox Restaurant. Chatterbox prides itself on the hugely popular Mandarin Chicken Rice which has evolved into one of Singapore’s most celebrated local dishes. Other signature favorites include the Chatterbox Lobster Laksa and King Prawn Fried Hokkien Noodles.

Chatterbox earned the Hall of Fame distinction as a Heritage Brand by Singapore Prestige Brand Award and I have to tell you – the food and the services are perfect! 

14. We spent a night at the Bar on 5 – one of the top whiskey haunts in town (and wines too). 

15. A very enjoyable walk is through the traditional quarter Katong. Here, you’ll see colonial buildings and street art – which adds distinct character to the neighborhood, and the coffee shops & restaurants that make this a foodie paradise of treasured local flavors, like the Katong Laksa, a local dish of savory noodles in a rich, coconut curry broth. 

16. If you have a long holiday, you can spend a day on Sentosa Island. There, you will find theme parks, adventures, and stylish restaurants. And the beach, of course. 

17. Crave a different dinner menu? Go to Triple Three. Japanese-inspired Triple Three boasts an extensive international buffet selection daily, featuring fresh sashimi and sushi, seafood on ice, live cooking stations, a premium roast section and delectable desserts. 

18. Visit Colbar. Travel back to the 60s at this quaint colonial bar. Previously a canteen for the British Army back in 1953, Colbar serves a wide selection of British beer and comforting Hainanese Western grub. The selling point of this charming bar is in its atmosphere. From vintage weighing machine to historic photos of the Colbar Football Club, Colbar delivers a slice of old Singapore.

19. For a different experience (and some delicious seafood), book a table (and a 10-minute return boat ride) at Smith Marine Floating Kelong Restaurant. A short stroll on the decks of this modern kelong (aquaculture farm) located off the north-eastern coast of Singapore lets you see how flower crabs, lobsters, sea bass, grouper and other seafood are farmed. You can even try fishing for your own dinner; the chefs will cook up your catch in a variety of styles. As the sun goes down, enjoy the sea breeze as you tuck into garlic lobster, sambal (chili paste) mussels, steamed squid and of course, Singapore’s signature chili crab.

20. And now, I have to tell you my secret about Singapore. I would not live there. It is too crowded and fast-changing for me. But, Singapore is a city to love and to come back again and again. 

My favorite places in Singapore are the balcony from the Marina Mandarin Meritus Club Lounge and the Budhha Tooth Relic Temple. 

What’s yours?

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  1. Magnificent photos! Wonderful country. My dream!