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Hey, I’m Ioana.

A multi-passionate entrepreneur, an explorer of the heart, and a relentless surfer of this magical world, dedicated to helping people live fiercely their lives. To be vulnerable, wholehearted, and ready to be seen.


Through my work (and this website), I inspire people like you to dream big, travel the world, and take meaningful action to create the life that they love.

Learn how to create the life of your dreams.

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Everything I write is designed to give you the courage and confidence to create a business and life that you love.

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Zile perfecte pentru implinit dorinte

Saptamana asta avem o energie nebunaaa. Adica numai buna de implinit dorinte, de manifestari-instant si de primit tot ce visam. Si am sa-ti las astazi […]

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Anca Duse: freelancing creativ, arta, inspiratie, culoare

Daca ar fi sa se acorde premii pentru cei mai inspirati creatori din 2020, Anca ar castiga detasat. Am cunoscut-o pe Anca Duse cu multi […]

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Q&A. Despre visuri, bani, calatorii si magie.

Din 2014, cand am lansat primul meu curs de travel writing, am lucrat cu mii de studenti. In cei 6 ani si ceva, am primit […]

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They did it, so can you.

My students and friends make bold moves, take action on long-held dreams, travel the world, and live what they once only imagined. Curious what might be in store for you?